Little Punks

Dyed and or bleached hair for last day of school. 



And choir night. It was pretty funny. 


Week in review

Four baseball and softball practices, one braces removal, helped a friend with sandcastles, two baseball/ softball games, Started and finished Lord if the Flies and Wolfsbane, sneaking in Narnia, eating out twice in one week(eek!), struggled with report on Notre Dame, worked 62 hours, went to a birthday party, earned new nick names of little red and big red, library, homemade pizza, s'more and fire pit, and shrimp cocktail.


Easter Weekend 2013

Went out with my family and my brother this weekend. Dyed eggs, didn't lose them but found them. And I let the kids watch 3 episodes of Grimm.


Sean to Umpire School

Needs some black shoes and socks. But he has passed his written tests and will be ready in time for ball season.


Freezey Baseball

Don't think of freeze tag. Think of freezing your hineycaboodles off on a windy ball field. Jesse on deck!

Spelling Bee

Audrey was one of the 10 finalists in the second grade spelling bee. She did not place in the top three but it was quite an experience for her to be on stage in front of a live audience. I don't think she was expecting to be quite so nervous.


Goofy Bots

These simple 'bots are made with tape, plastic cup, mini glue stick, motor, and markers. My two older boys made them at the library with the help of the high school robotics club.


Black-Eyed Susan Book Award Nominee Night

My two youngest and I attended the Black-Eyed Susan Book Award Nominee night at Eldersburg Library. The kids were looking forward to face painting, temp tattoos, snacks, and story time. The night did not disappoint. They were in the front row and really got into the books. Argus was the clear favorite of both children. I actually enjoyed the books about an imagineer: Balloons over Broadway: The True Story of the Puppeteer of Macy's Parade.

Full List of Nominees

The books that we enjoyed that night:

The goobers:

Spring has Sprung!

Bulbs blooming in our front yard.


Upside down

Baxter is not really upside down he just happens to look like it as he naps away the Sunday afternoon.