Speeding Ticket

Its only a little after noon and I am exhausted. My 3-year old laid down in the aisle and sobbed and screamed. He did the same in the grocery store, but from the cart. Some stares were pitiful, others were disgusted. What were my choices, honestly? Hire a babysitter with cash I don't have? Not shop? No milk, no eggs, no bread: one must shop under these conditions. He would rather stay in the van, but thats against the law. So, the speeding ticket I recieved (35 mph in 25 mph zone) was the "I don't feel in control" breaking point spin-out. The officer said, " You are so polite, it's refreshing." Will yelling make the ticket go way? I wondered if there was a spot on the ticket to denote demeanor...it would have been nice for a discount.

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