Since we are already paying for childcare to hold Audrey's spot, I took all three young ones to daycare. Relishing my freedom, I had already planned too much before I had left the driveway. As I am driving the ultimate symbol of soccermomdom, a mini-van, I pass three European hitchhikers near a bus stop. How do I know they were European, you ask.?No jeans, no sneakers, and rather thin. Khaki shorts, loafers, etc. I remember the look from working near a vacation spot in my teens and from my visit to Western Europe in 1991. Anyway, their belongings were ahead of them on the the bus stop bench. Ahh, this was a youth-hostel cheap trip. I pulled over immediately.

At one time in my life, I would have been them. As they got in, I looked into their faces and could tell they I was not the sort that they were used to...I had three carseats in my van and a DVD player to boot. They needed a ride to the airport, I said yes, and we were off. As I stumbled through some rusty German and listened to their exotic travels, I was envious. I will never see these places they are describing. I will never again take a vacation without extensive planning. I will never be unfettered as they are. Most of that I am ok with, but wow...to be a mouse in their pocket. It would have been so exciting. Once at the airport, they thanked me profusely and left with maybe a slightly different image of a soccer-mom. Soccer moms maybe were once like them.

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Matt Black said...

heeeeeeeey! Nice mini-van!