Dennis and Emily, not the neighbors

Well, made it through Hurricane Dennis without a scratch. I found out I am not as fond of camping as I use to be. I did not enjoy sleeping on the floor and consuming heatermeals. I not relish smelling unwashed bodies and feet all night long. Once the power went off, I was in the dark for 18 hours. The shelter I was "residing" in had no windows and the doors were essentially sealed. Really not much to complain about, at least we had warning and were safe. However, if given the option of sticking around or evacuating out of the area, I will choose leave this godforsaken hellpit every single time.

During clean-up, I managed to get a righteous sunburn on my neck. Really not much damage around the town, just bits of debris scattered about. I am one of the lucky ones: I have power and a/c. A rapture I cannot describe fills my core each time I enter my 12x12 Shangri-La of coolness.

In preparation for Emily, I have a little wish list:
  • Baby Wipes (for waterless cleansing)
  • Inflated mattress or Cot (for a chance to get some sleep)
  • Battery Powered Lantern (for handsfree bathroom breaks)
  • New battery ( for my itty bitty book light)

Other than that, I am pretty well set up. Wish me luck!

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