New House

We bought a house in Sykesville, Carroll County. I am dreading the commute, of course, but he picked out a great place. The yard has a garden plot, a grape arbor with a hammock, berry bushes, tree house, and tons of grass. He already had to purchase a riding mower. :) Most of our neighbors have kids the girls' age.

I saw the kids and the house this last weekend. Seeing fireflies for the first time was a real treat for all. Sean and Levi were thrilled and pleased. Sean keeps asking "Are you glad we bought this house for you?" He sees it as a personal gift from them to me. He is his father's son. Levi is still a cuddle bunny. He says "I weally love you all day, mom." He even gives the phone proxy squeezy hugs.Don is doing so great with all the kids. Audrey is a fatty-boombalatty and pretty content in her daddy's arms.

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