Zoe-The Coonhound

Zoe, Puppy
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Wishes do come true. We've been wanting a pup for the kids since we married in Hawaii. Logistics weren't right then, and truth be told, they are are not much better now. But it is very cool to have a pup that is for the whole family. Zoe has had a long day--we drove to Westminster to get her (free) from her ma. She is 3/4 Treeing Walker, 1/8 English , and 1/8 Bluetick ...or that is atleast what we were told. Here pedigree doesn't matter to us, just her personality. We've been scouring the papers since we "landed". Most adds were for AKC purebreeds--definaetly not our speed. 450$ and up. We were orginally looking for a golden or chocolate lab. But when I read the ad for her, I told Don immediately. I kind of had a zing, knowing it was the right one. She was born 08OCT2005, playful yet cautious, we look foward to her days ahead with us.

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