Soundtracks v. Albums

I love movie soundtracks. I even buy soundtracks to movies I have never seen. A commercial album rarely has as much care and thought put into it. It has marketing put into it. They will include the "hits"-2 or 3, if you are lucky 4 good songs. The rest: fillers, fluff, and trash. Since the dawn of the mp3, for me that meant napster now it means iTunes, I have not have to buy a crappy album. if I am always going to skip the song or groan when I land on it in random shuffle-why have it in my collection. What is the incentive to buy the album?

On the other hand, soundtracks offer carefully selected songs not by artist, but by mood, theme, beat, tone, ethnic sound, regional flavor--pick an attribute! There are no duds, because they were already screened and either a talented one person or a room full of folks said, un-uh, not what we are looking for. Scores are excellent, too, but for a whole different reason. Recently it was El Mariachi on the way in to work and Matrix on the way home. I don't think I own any other music by Antonio Banderas , but I don't need to..the song I do have works in that context. I don't have the song because of him either--but the soundtrack would be obviously lacking if that song was missing. Today -The Governess

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