Hittin' the Fan

Work was a hundred miles an hour with my hair on fire. I tried to put out my hair and other fires but just couldn't keep up. I was so stressed my face was flushed for hours and I couldn't keep anything down. The biggest problem was the deluge of urgent issues that were not important. The whole time I am dealing with those, all the truly important issues were neglected, and I knew it. It was just plain eating me up. I delegated, I outsourced, I tried. I tried to separate what I could do from home from what I needed to be at work, it was maddening. I feel unsatisfied and miserable that I let done some folks, most of all, I let myself down.

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Wendy said...

Please, please, please take care of yourself right now. Don't overdo it! Remember you can't make evryone happy all of the time. All my love.