Knees went weak

Hmm...how to say this without sounding too dramatic or alarmist. Don's recent promotion comes with the "benefit" of a transfer. As early as March First he may go to a special assignment for six to eight months. After that, then he may be assigned for 36 months to very far away. Nothing is confirmed, but a definite possibility. I don't know when I will know for sure. It's interesting to note that Don's worried about being here WHEN baby Jesse is born. I am worried about him not being here AFTER the baby is born. I do need a break every now and again. Also, I do miss him terribly when he gone. We talk with each other so much every day. I've been spoiled by our time together during our commute each day. It gives us that moment of peace each day to connect. Okay, now I am rambling. Anyway, cross your fingers for the best. I feel a little guilty that I am feeling bummed for myself when we have family that are going through a much more difficult ordeal.

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Wendy said...

You have a right to feel bummed, we are bummed for you! Keep us posted on developments. Are the Target gift cards good or should we be getting them somewhere else?