No ruffles

While we were in Hawaii, we had tentatively decided that we would not have any more children for 5 more years or just not anymore. We found a nice pregnant lady at work and gave her all of our most functional and wonderful baby gear. We gave her two identical travel bassinets. Why did we have two? Well, at first we had two because we bought one for the baby sitter because her travel crib was out of standard. When Levi arrived, it was wonderful to have one on each floor of the house. A safe place to set the baby down. A very simple model, it had nice long legs and a sturdy base. Nothing fluffy, no crazy dry clean only ruffles. The mattress, that many adults exclaimed over how it was not thick and cushy was very safe. It was so thin that nothing ever, ever blocked their little nostrils. They loved it, certainly no complaints. Anyway, I have been pining over the those bassinets ever since I discovered I was pregnant with Jesse. We searched high and low. I finally found a suitable model, but its on back order at Amazon. Silly, but we just hope it arrives on time.

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