Unspoken Words

They say you are not supposed to compare kids. Well, let me tell, it's very difficult not to do, especially developmentally. Sean could run at full tilt before he a was a year old. Levi could talk every so clearly, but chose not to walk until well after a year old. Audrey has the vocabulary of a four year old, and it's scary. Don and I were remincing about the moment when we gave Sean his toddler bed. He knew. We no words said among the three of us, he know who the bed was for, he knew he would never sleep in a crib again, and he knew that is was a "gift". He smiled with his huge eyes and looked from face to face for confirmation. He climbed on, stood on top, and grinned some more.

During a same moment with Audrey, she asked questions, said thank you, squealed with glee about how pretty it was. Both moments were memorable, and yet so very different.

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