We enjoyed a wonderful dinner at Olive Garden tonight. I know, Olive Garden is a chain restaurant, but it was really nice. We haven't been out to eat for months. The service was wonderful and the food was hot and tasty. The kids were enjoying every bite. (side note and biased bragging -We typically get one to two compliments each time we are out as a family. Some elderly couple or veteran will come up to us and say how well-behaved our children are...) The kids were so enthralled with their dinners, that they were smiling, silent church-mice. For their awesome report cards, Aileen and Hannah had virgin strawberry daiquiris. All the kids were dinner-winners, so they were able to pick desserts. Audrey and Levi chose big fat sundaes. Sean chose a thick chocolate shake that he was able to take with him. Aileen ordered ever-so-rich tiramisu. Hannah picked raspberry chocolate cheesecake -half had to come home. Anyway, it was truly awesome

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