Reading Time

Sean reading to Audrey
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She is loving him back by stroking his cheek. Audrey demands that books be read to her, then she insists on reading it back. When she reads it back, she holds the book over her head before she turns the page. I guess she is imitating circle time. I haven't caught it on film yet.

Sean has been making very good progress on his reading. He has moved on to the advanced group and received great marks on his report card. Every single night he is supposed to read at least 15 minutes. He tries to best his time each night. One of the rewards in my back pocket is a trip to the library. All the kids respond very well to that one. They each have their favorite part.

Aileen is still our number one reader. She devours books in a single sitting. She lost her library privileges for a while due to her mistreatment of borrowed books, but she has that gift back now and has big plans. I don't know if this is common, but our local library allows folks to check out as many items as they like. Aileen plans to exploit this to the nth degree. :)

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