Won't let me part with my money

Okay, admittedly, I am not your average TV watcher. I don't watch Lost, 24, Dancing with the Stars, American Idol, etc. Once in awhile I do drift towards something that was mainstream or was critically acclaimed but canceled too soon. It's the price I pay for being behind the times. But what amazes me is that even when a show is canceled, the studios manage to still botch the marketing.  For example, on the page from ABC.com about The Nine, I get a lovely error page. You can't tell me that it would cost them more than a few pennies to keep the link live. They could even link it to wikipedia or some such. Even if they only had text it would help me more that a crappy error page.  

I guess I have to back up a little more. On iTunes they had the pilot for The Nine as a free download. I got it. I finally got around to watching it this morning.  I really want to see the rest. 

I head over to iTunes to buy the season with a few mouse clicks. The search yields nothing. A quick google search tells me its been canceled. Fine, but where did the content go? Again, I do remember something about ABC and Apple not playing nice, ok.  I can't move mountains. Okay, maybe I can buy it on Amazon, and as you can see, not there. Would Amazon unbox have it, is that a different search? Yes, it is. (That's stupid, the results should be side-by-side with big colored warning when you add to cart that this digital, but I digress) So, I find a notice that they will be available online only until 24 Sep 2007. And because there was no true wrap-up a DVD is unlikely. Ok, crap. Was it Apple who decided to pull the show because it was just taking up space on the servers? Or was it the deal with ABC that gummed it for me. Regardless, dear reader, of my poor taste, I am consumer that cannot, for all my efforts legally get a hold of the product I want to pay for. I want to be a consumer, I want to consume. Any suggestions?

This is so frustrating, bandwidth coming out of my ears, and cannot get a hold of it. 

Update: My husband suggested Netflix and I love what the results indicate. 

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